“Pineal Tones Quantum Choir” – May 19-21, 2017

Chamonix, French Alps

Watch the Video of Dr Todd for the latest news on the Pineal Tones Quantum Choir

This is THE page where you can find all the information and links you will need for the 2017 Quantum Choir! This special Pineal Tones ceremony will be in Chamonix in the French Alps with new tone levels.  More information will be added to this page as it becomes available.
There is a pre-requisite for joining the Quantum Choir in France! It is important that everyone participating in the ceremony know the toning basics to be able to sing together as a choir. Therefore, you need to have completed training in the Pineal Tones either through an in-person seminar with Dr. Todd between 2012 and May 12th, 2017 (1 week before the Quantum choir) or through the webinar — Pineal Tones online seminar with Dr Todd. If you have participated in a previous choir as a “choirster” (singer) then you will qualify for this one. You can register for the Quantum choir before you complete your required rehearsal – you only need to promise that you will complete your course before May 12, 2017. There are two more live events to learn the Dr Todd's Pineal Tones in his DNA workshops before the choir. The first “DNA/toning workshop” is in Carlsbad, California on March 4-5, 2017 and the last is in Budapest, Hungary on April 15-16, 2017.
The Quantum choir will be presented in English with French translation. Other translation may be provided please contact admin@BRCmagic.com to request an additional language. Additional languages will be added based on demand and availability of a translator.
People who have registered for the choir will get practice materials sent via their registration email with links and download information no later than 2-weeks before the choir. Be sure to use an email that you check frequently when you register!
Schedule: The Quantum Choir is a 3-Day Event. You will have time for Pineal Tones practice with Dr. Todd and Co-conductors and time for creating the toning ceremony on the third day.  Choir members are required to participate for all 3 days. We highly recommend that you plan to stay in the area a day or so beyond the choir to allow for integration and enjoyment of the entire experience.
Do I need to wear a special color shirt for the performance? To Be Announced
REGISTER FOR THE QUANTUM CHOIR ONLINE HERE Scroll down to the date and event you are interested in and click on the small “i” information icon to get more details on registration. IF you are ready to go just add to cart and complete your information details to register. Remember it is okay to register if you haven't completed your prerequisite you just need to have it done by May 12, 2017.

LOCATION and MORE Information can be found here.



Background on the Pineal Tones and Choirs:

As Father Cornelius says of Leeloo’s strange speech in The Fifth Element: “It is the divine language, the language before time was time.” The Pineal Toning Technique carries the flavor of sonic elements of Sanskrit, Tibetan, Hebrew, Huna Kane, Chinese and other traditions with the feeling of timelessness. Listen to some audio samples here.

Research. In a lab that studies the effects of music on plants, playing recordings of the single tones had an impact that was “33% better than the best of Mozart.” The Mozart Effect in people is known to increase intelligence, problem solving, and creativity, and to reduce stress.
Recordings from the Maui Choir, with sublime resonances and harmonics of the tones sung in pairs, doubled and even tripled the Mozart Effect. For the first time in Europe, the powerful overtones of these patterns will be intensified by in the French Alps – one of the special energetic Nodal Areas as described by Kryon.
Singing, who me? Well, not exactly — the choir is made of people like you who enjoy toning and raising their vibrations together through sound. You don't have to have an exquisite singing voice to tone.

Uluru Choir 2015

Uluru Choir 2015 – Australia

People gather from all over the world at sacred sites to tone together as a choir. Each choir has a theme or message such as Lemurian Reunion, Compassion, Communication or Celebration. This chosen theme is amplified by the intent and vibration of the particular tones shared for an experience like no other! The theme of this year's ceremony is “Quantum Sound.”


Pineal ToningTM is a system of sound syllables toned in various sequences and sung together in pairs. Did you ever sing a “round” as a kid where two groups are singing two different things at the same time? Singing tone pairs is similar to this. These tone syllables or levels are like the letters of an alphabet. Two tone levels sung together create a quantum word. When these words are arranged in a sequence they create a quantum message. Each Choir creates a quantum message built from the basic tone levels that are sung as pairs.

Marc and TeresaWhy Attend the Quantum Choir?

Because You Can Be…
  • Amplifying Your Personal Abilities and Gifts
  • Breaking Through Barriers to Higher Dimensional DNA Attributes
  • Prompting Profound Personal Transformation and Healing
  • Opening New Doors of Awareness
  • Magnifying Intention & Synchronicity in Your Life
  • Awakening Positive Earth Potentials through Activation of Specific Nodes
  • Experiencing the Expansion & Well-being of Group Toning
  • Meeting Kindred Spirits!

See what people are saying about the TONES! HERE
There are many articles on our previous website that explain the tones and the choirs in greater depth. Check out these topics for more: Quantum Cliff Notes, Lemurian Reunion, Planet Builders, Nodes and Nulls, and more.

Who Will be Guiding You Through This Divine Sound Celebration?

Dr Todd For a decade, Dr. Todd has developed the Pineal ToneTM series, inspired by a deep inner knowing – a remembering – of an ancient time in an ancient land. It was Kryon who identified him as Yawee, the architect of the Temples of Rejuvenation on the mountain tops of Lemuria. He was also known as the Spin Master, one of the greatest scientists to ever walk the planet...read more HERE

It is OFFICIAL! Four Co-conductors for the Quantum Choir: Marc Drost, Teresa Gibson, Anders Holte, and Sylvan James. Amazing talented conductors all in one event.

Very Special Guests:

Lee CarrollLee Carroll is recognized worldwide as the original channel for Kryon, and has been honored over the years by seven United Nations invitations to channel Kryon at the UN building in New York city. The Kryon seminars are presented all over the USA and Canada, western Europe, Israel, Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, the Baltic states and much of South America. Read more about the KRYON work HERE.

ElanMaster of Ceremonies – Elan Cohen

SIX-time Master of Ceremonies for the Choirs in Maui, Cancun, Shasta, Uluru, Israel and Arkansas. SEVEN-time host in Sedona, Arizona (2008-2012, 2015), and host for Shasta, CA (2014) for the Kryon Annual Summer-Light Conferences. Elan is a specialist in meeting planning and organization. He was the Kryon Seminar host THREE-times in Israel (2000, 2005, 2015). Elan is long time worker for Peggy Phoenix Dubro of The Balancing Work. He is also the artist for all the DNA color illustrations of the international best seller KRYON DNA BOOK 12.  The extraordinary Kryon Return of the Masters Israel Tour in 2015 is one of many more Kryon Tours to follow around the world under his mastership and company Shaloha Production and more..

Pineal Tones Webinar: We have an online course that allows you to qualify. This system can be learned at your own pace in a convenient 4 hour online course. Many users have reported some of the most profound transformative experiences of their lives with learning and practice of this system. Check out the details for the Online Course HERE. 
Last but not least…Be prepared to Open and Honor the New Human that You Are!
Registration Questions Contact: Rubi Hendricks at admin@brcmagic.com Rubi1

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