The Choirs of Dr.Todd Ovokaitys are really not choirs at all. From that great beginning with over 900 participants at the end of 2012 in Hawaii, we have repeated this all over the earth! We open our hearts and throats and sing the amazingly different sounds of what we call “Pineal Tones.” They are not songs, but instead contain very memorable sacred melody-steps. Some are simply sounds without pitch, and some are almost un-singable (sorry Todd). But they are “remembered” tones from an ancient past, and they have energy!
I have been there for all of the choirs, the last one being in Tel Aviv, Israel. Wherever a choir is held, there are changes. There are changes in the attendee's personal lives, and often within the areas where we have presented. This one in Arkansas (get ready), will be presented over the largest crystalline deposit on earth!
In addition, it's again one of the few NODES of the Earth that Kryon talks about as the “original Pleiadean home sites.” So it joins the other choirs, and NODES: Cancun, Mexico; Uluru, Australia: Mt Shasta, California USA; and of course, MAUI, Hawaii USA.
As we sing and make these carefully directed sounds, we do them in pairs. One group sings “against” the other, creating fun and challenging counter apposed song-lines, while we take in all the joy and healing energy created from the highly energetic experience. We often feature two world-class musical directors.
Of course there will be Kryon channelling, too, and always some instructions from KRYON to Dr. Todd, directly. Once, Kryon actually channelled Yawee's mother to him! (Todd’s Pleiadian Mother). Todd was taken by surprise… not something that occurs that often.
Anything can happen!


Watch Dr Todd's Video Introduction


The Crystalline Choir with Dr. Todd, Lee Carroll & Kryon

and Very Special Musical Guests!!!

Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – June 13-14-15, 2016  – Little Rock, Arkansas

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