Chrystalline Choir

Mt. Ida, Arkansas, 2016

2016 Crystalline Choir Mt. Ida, Arkansas


The choir actually took place in Hot Springs, Arkansas but it was within the vicinity of Mt. Ida which is one of the twelve major nodes on the planet. The unique attribute of this particular node is the geology of the area. It has one of the largest quartz crystal deposits on Earth. Geologists have said that Arkansas and Brazil have the best quality quartz in the world.

Humanity, especially old souls and lightworkers, have always been fascinated by crystals. Those who sense energy can feel the benevolent energies of the crystals. The choir activated and opened the Pleiadian time capsule, represented by the node of Mt. Ida with null of Mt. Fitz Roy, Argentina. The result of this is that humanity is now rewriting its future. It’s time to release the old prophecies of doom and armageddon and instead celebrate the new era we are entering. One that has a new consciousness on the planet of love and compassion.

Credit:  Monika Muranyi

The Crystalline Choir Channelling

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