Quantum Choir Chamonix Mont Blanc

 Chamonix, France is a picturesque village located at the foothills of Mont Blanc – one of the twelve major nodes on the planet. It was the perfect place for over 400 lightworkers to gather and sing the Pineal Tones, developed by Dr. Todd Ovokaitys. During the Choir Kryon revealed that the matching null to the Mont Blanc node was Mt Aconcagua, Argentina! In addition, two special Pleaidian lullabyes were sung by the Quantum Choir as powerful reminders of the light we carry within. Following the choir was a wonderful Kryon Seminar, and the next day was a very special trip up to Mont Blanc.

Credit: Monika Murayi  https://www.monikamuranyi.com/2017-quantum-choir-chamonix



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