December 2012 MauiDid you hear about the 2012 Lemurian Reunion that took place in Maui on the special date of December 21, 2012? It was a phenomenal event and was much more grand than we ever expected! Kryon recently channeled about the significance of the 2012 Lemurian Choir Reunion. The implications are profound!
In 2010, at a Pineal Toning Technique Seminar, Kryon gave the assignment to Dr. Todd and choir members to gather and tone to the Cosmos on December 21, 2012. In San Diego and over several subsequent channels, Kryon divulged the bigger picture – explaining that these tones are much more than just transformative resonances with the power to heal mind, soul and body… You can download the Kryon channels from Maui HERE.

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Thousands felt the pull of this once in a lifetime event and over 900 people made the journey to participate in Kryon’s “assignment” in Maui. Our sacred ritual was re-created on the island paradise of Hawaii on December 21, 2012 thus reviving the ancient method of choiring and sending the original 24 Lemurian Pineal TonesTM in pairs – multi-dimensionally, through time and space…singing a message unsung for 26,000 years.. it was spectacular!!!
In our Maui gathering under the stars in December, 2012, we created the bridge between our ancient past and our gloriously glowing present.  We began with the enfolding traditional tones of the Kahuna Kalei who concluded with offering gratitude to our ancestors.  The elements greeted us with wind and rain and churning ocean surf.  The Pleiades winked at us from behind the clouds, celebrating our presence.  Our outdoor chorale over 900 strong produced the quantum signatures that had been silent for millennia.  When we reversed the polarity with our last two patterns, a flood of communication poured back to us from the stars.

Dr Todd and Kalei in Maui, December 21, 2012

Dr Todd and Kahuna Kaleiiliahi in Maui, December 21, 2012

With just 2 days of rehearsal with all of us together in the Grand Ballroom in Maui, the morning and evening choirs sang as with the voices of angels.  As an engine, the morning choir released eons of dark energy to allow a planet a sigh of relief.  The evening choir then brought forth a new balanced of illumined masculine and feminine energy, with each magnifying the other.  The full sound was divinely rich with overtones and harmonics, vibrating at a deep quantum level.
MauiChoir4This once in 26,000 year assignment was completed with verve and grace! The marker has been passed and it is NOW possible to create an extraordinary new reality. Evolution doesn’t stop. In 2012 on December 21st, We sent the quantum message that Kryon described as “shockingly accurate” to signal the entrée of a new potential reality. Not the end of the world as some were announcing – but birthing new energies that opened the doors to create a new humanity.

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In March 2013 in Portugal and Spain, Kryon channeled that a new choir is forming – the next spiritual assignment – so to speak. This choir will be the 2013 Compassion Choir in Cancun, Mexico. For those who again feel the pull, there is an opportunity to create a new message, a different pattern. While the Lemurian Choir transmitted a code to the cosmos, the next quantum message will be directed to the energies of the planet. This next message will be about sending love and compassion into The Crystalline Grid.  This is a process of cleansing the grids and shifting the vibration of the planet toward enlightenment. This is integral to the planetary recalibration Kryon describes. More announcements coming in the upcoming months!

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