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Hi Dear Seekers of Higher Vibrations,
Thank you for subscribing to receive this information which is tied closely to the work of Lee Carroll, and now moving into even wider circles.
The assignment of creating quantum choirs based on ancient and future light vibrational technologies has been one of the greatest gifts and joys that I have ever received.
The ground shifting energy built in the first choir in Maui (according to the information Lee revealed the first time in 26,000 years) felt so high that it seemed it would be almost impossible to exceed.  That said, in our last gathering in the French Alps, new information and energies poured in that took the collective vibration to a space that even took my breath away, and that of many of the participants.
Rather than taking my word for it, you are invited to experience the first segment of this powerful event to see if it resonates with you.
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Choir Information & Registration

If so, then you may be called to the next gathering of building energies known as the Avalon Choir.
This will dive deep into the mysteries of Arthurian legend, not so much the fabled stories but the essence of how the magic of the times has created an abiding influence that can arise anew.
This you may do in aligned awareness at any distance.  Or you may be called to join in the many voices as one experience to be built in the neighborhood of Glastonbury famous for the Chalice Well.  This location is a central convergence point of the fabled ley lines of Europe.
Please enjoy the energy and sharings of Mount Chamonix.  And partake of the next step in whichever way you may be called.
With warmest regards,
Dr. Todd
Quantum Choir Mont Blanc Part 1 A

Quantum Choir Mont Blanc Part 1 B

This audio is only available until December 11th, 2017.  Enjoy!    

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