Mila made a wonderful video of our “Bay Area and Beyond” Toning yesterday. Here it is:
We Skyped-Toned with Marc Drost earlier in the day, and then later in the afternoon, Skyped-Toned with group in Calgary. An Illinois group wants to join us at our next gathering. We’re starting to contemplate Virtual Choir possibilities.
After Toning one Pair, it was 81ΒΊ in the living room, and I had to turn on the air-conditioner.
Toning folllowed by Multidimensional Experience:
We ended the beautiful day Toning Pair 9-3; reversing Pair 3 for receiving.
As soon as we were done with the Reverse Pair, this appeared in the sky. A parabolic rainbow (which I’ve never seen before), with a completely different skyscape inside the parabola, than was in the rest of the sky. “Portal Opening” said everyone with recognition.
It lasted that way for 15 minutes, or so, and then finished off with kind of a curtain-closing, aurora borealis effect.
Much Love, Hugs,

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