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WHAT ARE THE PINEAL TONES? Find out in a message from Lee Carroll: 

…In 2001 Dr. Todd Ovokaitys began to remember
Dr. Todd & Leeancient tones and started to teach groups how to use the tones for personal growth and healing. Dr. Todd presented these tones in seminars all over the world. Three years ago Kryon channelled a specific message to Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, (A high Lemurian priest named Yawee, according to Kryon), about his Pineal Tones. Kryon gave profound information and instructions on what he should do with them. The result was a gathering of around one thousand people who sung the 24 Pineal Tones in specific pairs to transmit a quantum signal into the cosmos. The event was called the  “2012 Lemurian Choir” and took place in Hawaii on December 21, 2012. Kryon stated that Dr. Todd’s memory of the tones as sung by Lemurians 26,000 years ago was “shockingly accurate.”

Now it continues: Back in Hawaii, Kryon gave information that the tones could be reconfigured, and added onto, to create different purposes for the planet. In Portugal 2013 Kryon told Dr. Todd to develop more tones and rearrange how they are sung. The purpose and intent of this next choir is to send compassion to GAIA and The Crystalline Grid. This event is called the “Compassion Choir of 2013”. Kryon has said that there are several time capsules of energy awaiting to awaken and that each one requires a powerful catalyst and specific signal This will enhance the speed of the Earth’s increase in vibration and level of compassion on the planet. So there are some new tones, a new energy, and a new place to sing them.

If you have never done pineal toning, and would like to come to the Cancun Compassion Choir, a rehearsal is needed. But this year it can be done on-line, or by attending many world-wide rehearsal events.
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A Note from Dr. Todd

Dr. Todd & ElanGreetings Everyone!
It is a pleasure to connect after the extraordinary cycle we have just completed and to anticipate what comes next.

For those of you who participated in the Lemurian Choir, or supported it with rehearsals – mission well accomplished!  According to Kryon, the collective light work since the Harmonic Convergence (late 80’s) brought us to the December 21, 2012 tipping point.  The quantum codes produced in Maui on that date, in person or in spirit, were integral to our achieving a profound planetary shift.

2012 Lemurian Choir
The Choir in Maui was performed in 2 sections, each with a profound purpose.  The morning performance had the intention of clearing and easing the collective suffering of humanity for the last Galactic Cycle of 26,000 years.  The energy was heavy and lightened successively…

This gave way to the afternoon performance of the Lemurian Choir.  In this energy was the celebration, the bursting joy of having made it.  The focus of this set of quantum codes was bringing forth both the Illumined Masculine and the Illumined Feminine in perfect balance, each magnifying the other!

KaleiThe sessions were begun and concluded with wondrous chants and incantations from Kalei, a Hawaiian Princess and Shamanic Healer with a lineage going back to the ancients.  The mother earth and the ancestors were invoked and honored in the traditional way.

Kryon's Insights
Kryon channeled in a most extraordinary way.  Before and after each Cycle of 3 Tone Pairs Kryon gave a powerful 5-7 minute message that built its energy and message from the start of the morning Choir to the conclusion of the afternoon Choir.


The essential message was: You have sent the quantum codes accurately!  The Galactic Membranes have been awakened!  YOU HAVE MADE IT AND IT IS TIME TO CELEBRATE!

Kryon also declared that there were 12 more Levels of Pineal Tones – and that I had 26,000 years to develop them!  Now well ahead of schedule, Levels 25 and 26 have already emerged and clarified!… (Read More about Levels 25 and 26 HERE)
The Focus Shifts from Galactic to Gaia
The final element of the Lemurian Choir was the reversal of the polarities.  The collective entangled pineal transmitter of the choir was switched from sending to receiving.  Breathtaking flurries of messages were received that are still being processed and remembered, as waking dreams becoming clearer.

And so the cycle of sending and receiving the awaited quantum communication was completed! We now move to becoming Treasure Hunters, like Indiana Jones, as the focus shifts from successfully stepping through the galactic 2012 window to the treasures within ourselves and the fabric of Gaia.

Kryon has identified that selected sacred points of the earth have treasure vaults called “time capsules” that contain profound energy and information for enlightenment. There are described a Triangle of Treasures:

  1. In the Crystalline Grids of the Earth
  2. Within our DNA
  3. Encoded within Whales and Cetaceans

A new Choir will be written and performed with the purpose of creating the codes to open these time capsules and release the Triangle of Treasures.

Pineal Tones Rehearsal Events
The function of the rehearsal events is training in the art and practice of the tones, as well as building new neural pathways around the pineal to make it a stronger receiver and transmitter.  Anyone who has attended a rehearsal for the Lemurian Choir is already qualified to attend the Compassion Choir in Cancun.  (You don't need to be going to the Compassion Choir to attend a rehearsal! Many people attend for the personal benefits of learning the Pineal Tones.)

For those who have not as yet met this requirement, there are live rehearsal events from which to choose, and an online webinar option is also available. 


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