Frequently Asked Questions will be Posted and Answered Here.

May I teach the Pineal Tones™?

Participants in the Pineal Toning™ seminars and gatherings are welcome to informally share the tones with their friends and family. We ask that you do not teach the tones or publish the Pineal Tones™ in the form of seminars –  online, phone, or in person – without the express written consent of Dr. Todd. We are currently working on creating a platform for the tones to be officially shared more widely.

May I use the Pineal Tones™ in my healing practice?

We have received several requests from people with healing practices. As a Pineal Tones seminar participant you are free to use the recordings you were sent or your voice to work with the tones with your clients. We ask that you do this as an adjunct to your current practice and you do not create a separate platform or practice that uses the Pineal Tones™

How and where may I learn this toning?

We are always working on a schedule of very special Pineal Toning Seminars for each year. As events are scheduled, they will be posted on all the sites related to the toning. Look for seminars both in the USA and abroad as well as our online option to learn the tones. Please sign up for our electronic newsletter for updates and Check our Events page for updates.

Where can I get recordings of past choirs?

Please visit the Shop Tab for the current recording options. There are several available since the 2012 Reunion Choir in Maui. As each becomes available it will be listed here and announced to people that are signed up for our electronic newsletter.

May I use the Pineal Tones Choir Logo in a product or service that I created?

We ask that you not use the Pineal Tones Choir Logos in products or services that you have created. As the choir evolves, the logo may evolve as well ;0)

How can I get regular updates on the Pineal Tones?

Sign up for our Newsletter where we announce the latest events and updates regarding the Pineal Tones. Sign up HERE.

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