My Dear Friends,
We are truly living in remarkable times. Our usual patterns and habits have been interrupted. We can pause for a moment and think and wonder who we really are and why we are really here. We also get to choose the kind of new reality we will face or that we can enjoy based on how we use our minds and intentions.
Among the most powerful ways to turn off the stress response and boost the immune system is to make tones with your voice. Studies have shown a reduced cortisol stress response from the adrenals as well as enhanced function of various aspects of the immune system simply by singing tones with your own voice.
So that you may sail through corona times smoothly, we are offering a simple practice with recordings to which you can simply sing along. Four simple yet powerful tone patterns have been selected from The Lemurian Choir of 12-21-12.
We invite and encourage you to sing these tones at least once a day, ideally when you start or complete the day. It’s even better if you do this practice at both times. This will create both a coherent field within your body, as well as a global field produced by all of us singing together. This alone can change the world for all of us internally and for the planet as a whole.


As this year, 2020, celebrates the 4 – as well as clear vision – we will be providing 4 tone patterns. The level numbers and intentions are: 19 – a return to genesis, 20- activating DNA codes for mastery, 23- merging with the earth, and 24 – returning home. If you’d like to proceed to hear and sing along with the patterns please clink HERE FOR DOWNLOAD

Can universal consciousness be measured?

In this documentary, Dr. Todd speaks about the development of his healing laser technology, how each healing vibration has a sound and how these vibrations transform our health. Learn more here



PinealTones is our information site for the Lemurian Choir, Compassion, Celebration, Healing, Intention and Creation choirs. It’s about all things related to Dr Todd’s Pineal Toning Technique and official events.  This is a place to share our experiences and stories documenting our experiences involving learning, practicing and performing the Pineal Tones™.

Thousands of people have learned the Pineal Toning Technique™ with Dr. Todd through the years and there are many many stories to tell and much information on these pages! You may comment on stories or submit your own  for posting. We welcome and encourage your contributions!

As this year, 2020, celebrates the 4 – as well as clear vision 

Join us in the “field” on the 11th day of every month to tone to divine love and gratitude 

by toning 3x a day, merging the intention of each tone with your own declarations/desires

Pineal Tones Level IV Art by Deb DeLisi 

Metaphor: Two sparks collide and form an intense energy vortex that never diminishes.

Personal Activation: The experience of a very strong electric and magnetic energies of an ‘interdimensional engine’ that run eternally, like a gyroscope in perpetual motion. Ignition of a connection within that delivers information, knowledge and wisdom from a divine origin. Acceleration on one’s soul path.

Meditation: “My connection to the divine is powerful and is—and always will be—there for me. I am a conduit for change in myself and assisting others on their path.”

Intention of Level 4 in the Pineal Tones: Moving through your souls records. Very strong electric and magnetic energies of an ‘interdimensional engine’ that ignites a connection to information, knowledge and wisdom from a divine origin. Soul path acceleration.

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