We recently got a lovely email about the assignment Kryon gave to make the 12 tone pair intentions into a paragraph that would capture the intent and purpose of the Lemurian Tones. The email follows in purple in its entirety. Did you come up with a paragraph? Click the link for the list of  Lemurian Choir intentions if you would like to make your own!
LC Tone Intentions

Blessings to all…
When in Maui, KRYON channelled…If we were to combine the intentions from each of the pairs we would come up with a paragraph that would capture the essence of all the intentions.

So here is what I came up with… Remember your divine eternal perfection, for moving into your soul records.Accelerate your integration of higher energy levels and flows. Activate the bridge of enlightenment through the seed sound of creation. Call forth the ability to manifest with thought, hear the voice of source within. Communicate with the wisdom of the Masters, activating codes for mastery through the balancing of polarities.Through the mastery of time and the ability to open and move through portals bring forth the energy of Genesis. Unlock manifestation codes through clearing of fear, returning to the source through merging with the Earth.Traverse through dimensions with joy, receiving communication from all the Quantum enlightened beings in the Universe.
 In Gratitude and Love
Anita Adrain

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