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Periodically we like to communicate directly with people interested in staying in touch with Pineal Tones and Biological Decoding activities or those wishing to learn more. We have an archive of past newsletters for your reading pleasure.
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Dear Friend,
So many good things are happening, it is hard to know where to begin. Soon the amazing professionally recorded masters of The Lemurian Choir will be released. This will include encore materials from the “afterparty” as well as a track playing all 24 Levels at once.
With the artist Deb DeLisi, a DVD has been created that combines the tone pair recordings with her luminary art. As the choir is singing the pairs the related works of art flash back and forth at varying speeds, creating a mesmerizing multimodality experience.
On Wednesday, October 16th at 6PM PST and 9 PM EST, I will be offering a free one hour webinar through Global Teleconference.
This is entitled “How to Expand Your Abilities in All Dimensions.” You are warmly welcomed to participate and are encouraged to invited your friends as well.

manifest 3 The program will share information about the Pineal Tones being shown to have biological effects that exceed the benchmarks for playing Mozart; there will be demonstrations of tonal patterns, some you know and others that will be new. There will also be a discussion of other ways to boost your awareness and your abilities quick as you please.
Global Teleconference has been very gracious and is allowing us to broadcast the program with an expanded service that will permit us to show images and also have especially high sound quality. For this reason we also encourage you to attend.
As part of our cooperation with Global Teleconference to make this work accessible to a wider audience we also invite you to attend a free conference they are offering that will demonstrate how to be a health and wellness coach. You will receive this notice again on September 9th to remind you of this opportunity. There will then follow an announcement about the free conference I am offering as well as free seminars from dozens excellent speakers being offered in the next 2 months. Information about the free one hour coaching demonstration is below. May we feel your presence on the airwaves.
Highest regards,
Dr. Todd
And now a word from Health Coach Training:
We have arranged for you to attend a special complimentary teleconference call/webinar that we think you will want to attend regarding health and wellness coaching.
If you have ever discussed living a healthier lifestyle with anyone or if you have
recommended health or wellness products or services, you have been doing what
professional health coaches do…help people not to get sick.
If that is you, why not get paid for it–without affecting anything you're currently
doing right now? Today's technology will allow you to be a health coach and a
part of the fastest growing niche market in coaching. Join us on this timely and
interesting event.
This complimentary 75-minute call/webinar will include an actual real time coaching
demonstration with a volunteer. You will also see a program that will allow you to have a real health coaching business and be able to coach multiple clients at one time (without any medical background).
Reserve your spot right now for this demonstration. The time may never be better
for you to make a real difference in people's lives and be a part of the most profitable industry in the world…health care.
This lesson will take place on:
Tuesday, September 10th at 2:00 PM ET (New York Time)
To attend, click on the link below or copy and paste it into your web-browser.
Many Blessings
In Maui Kryon declared that there were 12 more Levels of Pineal Tones – and that I had 26,000 years to develop them! Now well ahead of schedule, Levels 25 and 26 have already emerged and clarified.
*The intention of Level 25 is “remembering your home planet or dimension.”
*The function of Level 26 is “going back to the first emanation of Source into differentiated awareness.”
* Level 25 and Level 26 will be shared and instructed at the live rehearsal events in anticipation of the Compassion Choir.
To learn of the experiences others have had with the Pineal Tones or at the Lemurian Choir, you are invited to go to Anyone who would like to share a story related to the tones, please Contact Us. You may join the Compassion Choir email list at: JOIN OUR MAILING LIST
The energy is building to accelerate our movement in the direction of becoming an enlightened planet. This has been earned through our collective efforts, and will unfold in time. The celebration in quantum song in Cancun and beyond can serve to accelerate your personal and planetary process exponentially.
Dr. Todd.

HAVE YOU HEARD? Back by popular demand…. we are REPLAYING the Maui Lemurian Reunion Choir May 17-20th, 2013 (PDT). This time you will be able to listen on your own schedule –
The recordings are in 4 sections – each about 70 minutes long. On the 17th of May, you will see four “players” on the link below, each player will play a section of the December 21, 2012 Choir. You can listen to the ENTIRE DAY ANYTIME you like between the 17th and the 20th of May.
Let everyone know you’re listening on facebook and twitter.
Register for a Rehearsal during the REPLAY and receive 50%off the second registration.
Registrations must be submitted together. Discount is based on a $250.00 registration fee. Discount will be automatically applied during the online registration process checkout. Offer is available for Live Rehearsals US/CANADA Only.
Listen Here
Help us share this link with the world…. Share with like minded
Want More Information?
For Details of the 2013 Compassion Choir, December 4-9th and Qualifying Rehearsals Visit the Following Links:
For information about participating in the 2013 Compassion Choir CLICK HERE
For information about the Event Location in Cancun CLICK HERE
Cancun Resort & Choir Info: Mary Kennedy
Registrations : Rubi Hendricks

Listen to a Manifest Your Mission Summit 2013 Interview with Dr. Todd

Listen how we can use Pineal Tones™ to increase self-healing and well-being AND how they can be used to activate and clear filters that are blocking 8 other layers of our DNA.
He also explains how these powerful tones reach across time and space and had been sung 26,000 years ago! The Lemurian Choir concert held on December 21, 2012 was a multidimensional communication that rang out saying, “We made it and we've decided stick around and move down the path of enlightenment!
Dr. Todd discusses how since the 2012-12-21 marker has passed the nature of the Lemurian Choir has changed, and now its purpose is to act as The Compassion Choir to activate 12 nodes on the planet to release “time capsules” that will release information to the planet to facilitate our further enlightment for ourselves individually AND collectively.
Use the following link to access a REPLAY of Dr. Todd's interview:
Via the Internet:
* URL:
* Password: Pineal
FREE GIFT: Dr. Todd has created a special Pineal Tone just for this telesummit
“Manifest Your Mission Pineal Tone”

The Pineal Tones team has made a number of changes to the 2013 Pineal Tones Rehearsal schedule by adjusting the number of rehearsals for 2013 and adding new locations to the 2014 schedule.
The Sedona Pineal Tones Rehearsal originally scheduled
May 18-19, 2013,
has been postponed until further notice.
We will announce in the June Newsletter the location’s and dates for this fall’s rehearsals in the Midwest and East Coast. Stay Tuned!
2014 Locations: Seattle, Colorado, Atlanta, California and, more to
Manifest Your Mission
Hear, Lee Carroll (Kryon), Amber Wolf, Marilyn Harper (Adironnda),
Deb DeLisi, Lenedra Carroll, Peggy Phoenix Dubro, and many other world-class presenters. And it is FREE….
Click here to Register for the Manifest Your Mission™ 2013 Summit
This summit is perfect for anyone that has been feeling uneasy in the new energies that emerged after the 12/12 marker – or those interested in ascension. Share this email with your friends! It’s un-real how many speakers are here to support your movement to the next level….
Manifest Your Mission™ 2013 Summit Program Overview
Starting Sunday, May 5th, you'll receive an e-mail update EVERY DAY with a direct link to our Virtual Event Room where you'll be able to listen to the day's seminars. Most days there will be two “Seminars” in which our experts will share their unique approaches to the art of manifestation. The first call starts at 11:00 Pacific Daytime Time, the second starts at 5:00 pm Pacific Daytime Time.
Note, some of our seminar calls will be followed up with a 30 – 45 minute LIVE question and answer period where you'll have an opportunity to have your most pressing questions answered.
Monday May 13th—Your Vibrational Frequency
How your vibration affects your ability to effectively manifest, along with practical tools to raise your vibration.
Listen for a SPECTACULAR Rehearsal Offer!
11:00 a.m. PDT—Dr. Todd Ovokaitys
The Pineal Tones, Your Vibration, and Co-creating

Please visit for an overview of speaker topics and the Summit schedule.
Here is a list of some of the topics that will be covered in this Summit:
How to step out of your “original” contract and into your “Plan B”;
What it means to be in “ascension” status, and its accompanying responsibilities;
How Spirit communicates with you;
Tools to raise your vibration;
The connection between your intention, your DNA, and your ability to co-create with Spirit;
How to speed up the process of manifesting;
The nature of “time” and how to walk with Spirit in every moment;
The nature of your relationships, and how “Things are not always as they seem”;
How to access skills learned in other lifetimes;
How nutrition affects your connection with Spirit;
Tools to help you systematically clear beliefs, emotions, and physical conditions that no longer serve you;
How Spirit can be your master business partner.
Mark you calendars May 5- 17th, 2013
Click here to Register for the Manifest Your Mission™ 2013 Summit
Rehearsal Information
Rehearsal Events are built upon an especially profound method of singing or “toning” vocal frequencies called the Pineal Toning Technique™ — modeled after an ancient system that produces a deeply peaceful and centered state of being.
During 2 transformational days you will build skills to derive personal benefit through toning
Learn & Review 24 Pineal
Tone Levels
Activate Your DNA
Sing the Tone Pairs
Learn 12 Lemurian Tone Pair Intentions
Activate Healing Potentials
Enhance Intuition
Physical Rejuvenation &
Regeneration Research
Awaken Mind, Body & Spirit
Qualify for the Compassion
Choir in Cancun
Early Registration – $225 Repeater – $250 First Timer
Registration at the door – $300.00
What Are The Pineal Tones™?
The term Pineal Tones™ is the core phrase describing a system of toning that Dr. Todd has shared for over 8 years — also referred to as the “Pineal Toning Technique™”
The Pineal Toning levels are like the letters of an alphabet, albeit complex and multidimensional. At this time, there are 24 Tone Levels – and more are being evolved!
Two Pineal Tone™ Levels sung as a pair create a quantum word. When these quantum words are arranged in a sequence they create a profound quantum message.
These quantum messages are sent during the performances of the The “Lemurian Reunion Choir” (LC) and the upcoming “Compassion Choir.” These are the names of the first two messages the Pineal Toning™ information strings being sent. Events are designed to learn and practice the tone levels.
Visit for more information about practice and the range of experiences already reported. Go to the “LISTEN” tab to hear a sample of the 2012 Lemurian Choir.
Who Can Attend?
EVERYONE interested in learning a toning system that sends quantum informational vibrations for enlightenment and also supports your personal energetic, sound-balancing, rejuvenation, intentions and your expression of compassion. You don’t need attend the 2013 Compassion Choir to participate in these events!
These events are also 2013 Qualifying Rehearsals for the Compassion Choir in Cancun. Events will focus on creating the multidimensional quantum words from the Pineal Toning™ pairs and creating a new sequence of 12 Tone Pairs. The Quantum message of the Compassion Choir releases and integrates information within ourselves, within the grids, and within the whales. Cancun is located in the vicinity of Chichen Itza, one of the 12 nodal points of the Earth for unlocking the treasures of the grids and those within you.
What is the Compassion Choir?
In 2012, The Lemurian Choir – Ancient Sounds for the Future – transmitted a Pineal Tones™ code to the cosmos that opened “time capsules” of information within us and the earth to facilitate ascension. The next Pineal Tones™ quantum message will be directed to the energies of the planet. The quantum message toned will send love and compassion into the Crystalline Grid; cleansing the earth grids and shifting the vibration of the planet toward enlightenment. This process is integral to the planetary recalibration that Kryon has described. This is why the choir performance in 2013 is called the Compassion Choir!
Listen to the Kryon Channel Here

 Pineal Tones ™ Newsletter April 2013
Qualifying Rehearsals for the Compassion Choir Are Now Available!
We are so excited to announce that we have our first qualifying rehearsals scheduled for the Compassion Choir! If you participated in the Lemurian Reunion in Maui or any past qualifying rehearsals, you are already qualified for the Compassion Choir and still very welcome to attend a 2013 Qualifying rehearsal. Many people are writing us that they are really missing the “feeling of home” they felt while toning with the choir group in Maui and are eager to attend a rehearsal to reconnect. We are offering a special discount for “repeat attenders.” You will be able to see your discount on the rehearsal registration page as the events become available for registration. These 2013 qualifying rehearsals will be gearing up for the Compassion Choir so expect new information to be shared as well as reviewing the basics for first-timers!
Dr. Todd will be returning to one of our favorite places for a Compassion Choir Qualifying rehearsal May 26-27 of this year in Moscow, Russia. For information in Russian, go to the website under the calendar tab. This event will be in English and translated into Russian. If you are an English speaker and interested in this event contact us for more information.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is our first Qualifying Rehearsal in Canada this year. We are so happy to be returning there! Mark your calendar for June 8-9th, 2013. This will be a wonderful toning event. Check the sidebar on the right for a registration link! Hotel to be announced.
Join us to tone in the beautiful Lemurian land of Mt. Shasta, California on June 24th, 2013. Mt Shasta is directly connected interdimensionally with the Lemurian land of Maui. This is our first scheduled event in the USA with more to follow very soon. The Mt Shasta toning rehearsal is a special one-day qualifying event with a home practice component. Online registration is up and running for this event! See the side bar on the right for more information and links to register.
We have additional USA qualifying rehearsal events being planned in Orlando, Florida; and Ventura, California. Details about these will be announced very soon. Other locations that are in the works are Chicago, Illinois; Mid-Atlantic/Eastern USA; Seattle, Washington; and Colorado, USA. There is also a South American tour being scheduled for June and July along with a visit to Mexico City, Mexico! These rehearsals will be posted under the events page and we will announce them in the upcoming Pineal Tones Newsletters. Be sure to stay connected.
Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Sharing The Experience
Remember the assignment that Kryon gave during the Maui Lemurian Choir? Somebody did it!
We recently got a lovely email about the assignment Kryon gave to make the 12 tone pair intentions into a paragraph that would capture the intent and purpose of the Lemurian Tones. The email follows in purple in its entirety. Did you come up with a paragraph? Click the link for the list of Lemurian Choir intentions if you would like to make your own!
Blessings to all\u2026
When in Maui, KRYON channelled\u2026If we were to combine the intentions from each of the pairs we would come up with a paragraph that would capture the essence of all the intentions.
So here is what I came up with\u2026 Remember your divine eternal perfection, for moving into your soul records.Accelerate your integration of higher energy levels and flows. Activate the bridge of enlightenment through the seed sound of creation. Call forth the ability to manifest with thought, hear the voice of source within. Communicate with the wisdom of the Masters, activating codes for mastery through the balancing of polarities.Through the mastery of time and the ability to open and move through portals bring forth the energy of Genesis. Unlock manifestation codes through clearing of fear, returning to the source through merging with the Earth.Traverse through dimensions with joy, receiving communication from all the Quantum enlightened beings in the Universe.
In Gratitude and Love
Anita Adrain
Many of you described the wonderful experiences you had at the Choir or working with the tones. To bring these to a central location for sharing a new site has been created. Please forward the stories you\u2019d like others to enjoy too.
Pineal Tones Newsletter  March 2013
Last year, you indicated that you were interested in receiving news about the Lemurian Choir. We wanted to reach out to you to see if you would like to continue to receive Pineal Toning Updates and to tell you about some very exciting developments with The Compassion Choir for 2013.
It has been several months since we have sent an update to you through Dr. Todd's Pineal Tones/Lemurian Choir Newsletter. Many of you have probably heard about the 2012 Maui Lemurian Reunion and the wonderful energies that were gathered, transmitted and received on December 21, 2012. Did you know you could download the Kryon channelings from Maui?
You can find the channelings HERE
Thousands felt the pull of this once in a lifetime event in Maui and over 900 people made the journey to participate in Kryon’s special “assignment.” Our sacred ritual was re-created on the island paradise of Hawaii on December 21, 2012 thus reviving the ancient method of choiring and sending the original 24 Lemurian Pineal Tones in pairs – multi-dimensionally, through time and space…singing a message unsung for 26,000 years.. it was spectacular!!!
In our Maui gathering under the stars on December 21, 2012, we created the bridge between our ancient past and our gloriously glowing present. We began with the enfolding traditional tones of the shamaness Kalei who concluded with offering gratitude to our ancestors.
The elements greeted us with wind and rain and churning ocean surf. The Pleiades winked at us from behind the clouds, celebrating our presence. Our outdoor chorale over 900 strong produced the quantum signatures that had been silent for millennia. When we reversed the polarity with our last two patterns, a flood of communication poured back to us from the stars.
Newsletter 4 3
With just 2 days of rehearsal with all of us together in the Grand Ballroom in Maui, the morning and evening choirs sang as with the voices of angels. As an engine, the morning choir released eons of dark energy to allow a planet a sigh of relief.
The evening choir then brought forth a new balanced of illumined masculine and feminine energy, with each magnifying the other. The full sound was divinely rich with overtones and harmonics, vibrating at a deep quantum level.
2012 Lemurian Reunion CD – to be released soon.
I know many of you wished to be in Maui on December 21st, and for one reason or another were not able to join us in person. Many did tone with us in Spirit in their own homes. Several people wrote us for the timing so they could actually tone at the same time as the choir! We did professionally record the choir performances in Maui and are in the process of editing and creating a high quality CD that will be available for purchase in the very near future. (We are targeting late Spring for this to be available). We will also have more toning audios available in the upcoming months. We will be announcing such happenings and more through this newsletter — including upcoming Pineal Tones seminars in the USA and abroad.
The 2012 marker has been passed and now it is possible to create an extraordinary new reality. Evolution doesn’t stop. We sent the quantum message that Kryon described as “shockingly accurate” to signal the entrée of a new potential reality. Not the end of the world as some were announcing – but birthing new energies that opened the doors to create a new humanity.
In March 2013 in Portugal, Kryon channeled that a new choir is forming – the next spiritual assignment – so to speak. This choir will be the 2013 Compassion Choir in Cancun, Mexico.
For those who again feel the pull, there is an opportunity to create a new message, a different pattern. While the Lemurian Choir transmitted a code to the cosmos, the next quantum message is directed to the energies of the planet. This next message will be about sending love and compassion into The Crystalline Grid. This is a process of cleansing the grids and shifting the vibration of the planet toward enlightenment. This is an integral part of the planetary recalibration Kryon describes. More to be announced in the upcoming months!
There are prerequisites for participating in The Compassion Choir. Many people receiving this message are already qualified to attend. If you attended Maui or were qualified to attend Maui, then you ARE already qualified for The Compassion Choir! For those who have not attended a qualifying rehearsal, we will be announcing the new rehearsals in the near future. They will likely begin this June and will be located across the USA and a few more international events. We are also working on a distance learning qualification for people that do not have a nearby rehearsal! Stay tuned for details….
For more information on the
2013 Compassion Choir, December 4-9th
visit the Following Links:
Click Here for Information about participating in the 2013 Compassion Choir
Click Here for Information about the Event Location in Cancun
Ready to Join Us Register Online? Click Here
Early Bird Registration of $395 good through April 15, 2013.
See webpage for details.
Early Bird Resort Reservations Click Here
Resort & Choir Info: Mary Kennedy
Choir Registration: Rubi Hendricks
Not familiar with the Lemurian Choir? Read more here:
02/12/2013 Newsletter Lemurian Choir Update
Thanks for all your lovely messages and questions. Just a quick email to give you some updates and links for more information regarding the “Tones” and upcoming events.
First, thanks to all of you for making the 2012 Maui Lemurian Reunion the best Pineal Toning event EVER! We had such a wonderful time being with everyone in the new energies that emerged.
Second, due to the powerful energies created and love of toning, we are getting lots of questions and requests regarding the Tone recordings from Maui. When will it be ready? We are actively working on getting these edited for you. It is a very big project that involves several multi-talented and busy individuals to create the final cuts. We plan to have the recordings available in the Spring of 2013. When the recordings are ready, we will make direct announcements by email to all of you who attended Maui. We will also post this information and how to get the recordings on our new website
We also have an FAQ on where we are answering some of the more frequent email questions. So please be sure to give it a look if you have questions that aren't answered here! URL:
Third…we have heard your requests. “More Toning EVENTS please”… We have two International Pineal Toning events scheduled at this time. Each Toning Event immediately follows the Kryon event in that area (see dates and places below).
These two events will cover and rehearse the 12 tone pairs that were performed in Maui. A great event for you that have missed the group toning energies and also for those that wish to learn the tone pairs. We are working on our North American schedule and hope to have all 2013 events posted very soon on under the events tab.
Please contact Sylvia Duran about the location, times and fee for these events.
March 11-12
Lemurian (Pineal) Tone Pairs with Dr. Todd
Lisbon, Portugal
MARCH 18-19, 2013
Lemurian (Pineal) Tone Pairs with Dr. Todd
Barcelona, Spain
I don't know about you but the first days of this new year have been happily racing by for me. If you would like to share your toning experiences with others online after having performed the tones in Maui please feel free to contact us or go to the website and comment.
There are several ways to stay in touch with us and we hope to be more communicative in the future – especially now that we are starting to “catch-up” with our business as usual after the big day on December 21, 2012.
Facebook group: Lemurian Choir; ancient sounds for the future with Hariata Hema as the administrator/moderator. (You just need to be invited by a member to join – so if you need an invite send an email with your request to be invited ). This group is very active and communicates regularly with each other.
Facebook Fan Page: Pineal Tones – Mary Kennedy as the administrator/moderator. This is a new page – be sure to “Like” it.
WEBSITES: – everything “Tones” about the 2012 Maui Lemurian Reunion. – this is a place for you to share your experiences of the Pineal (Lemurian) Tones. There are several categories of experiences that we have listed – if you have an idea for a new category – let us know. This is a newly built site with additions every week. – if you haven't already….check out the pictures that Lee Carroll posted from the 2012 Lemurian Reunion. The channels from the event are also available there, too.
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