REAWAKENING THE NODES & NULLS ~ An Exciting Time!! by Lee Carroll
I think one of the highlights of my channeling career was in Hawaii last December, and it wasn't even a “Kryon” event! I was standing on the stage channeling (which is unusual… I normally sit). Kryon was giving profound information that could only be given once… on December 21, 2012. It was the Lemurian Choir event in Maui which belonged to everyone on the planet. Nine hundred of you were actually there with Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, a former Lemurian priest, who was “remembering” the pineal tones that were needed for the process.
It was there that Kryon told us we had sent quantum codes to the creative source and had “turned the key within the lock” of the node and null pairs of planet earth. All this was to make them ready for a “new earth.” Then he also told us that it was time to continue the process and find the quantum signatures of the various node/null pairs and sing them at appropriate times to reawaken these “time capsules” of the planet. Well, we are going to do that, and I'm going to be at every single choir!
ChichenitzaThe “Compassion Choir” in Cancun (December 2013) is the first of these nodes and nulls opportunities. Those who can attend will be the architects and builders, laying the foundation for what follows, and imbuing the matrix with their intentions. My own Kryon Gaia Global Consciousness Conference is right after that. Hey… come to both!
Next is Mount Shasta in June of 2014… a major node. This will be right after our Kryon Summer Light Conference. Mt Shasta energy is amazing, as so many of you know.
Then (ready?)… in March of 2015 we are planning a grand trip to ancient and sacred land in the middle of Australia! It's Uluru… better known as Ayers Rock. Even as I write this, the Aboriginal elders are being contacted (it's their land). We will be right next to this awesome and remote node, singing the sounds that will reawaken the energies that the Ancients have talked about and tell us are still there.
I just wanted to let you know that I will be participating in all of these! I'll keep you updated on Facebook as things develop… I'm much more active there now. You can also get details via email if you're subscribed to the Kryon Family Bulletin. Or you can watch the website at We'll post details in plenty of time for you to make plans to join us if you are called. Naturally, Kryon will channel at each one. It's an exciting time!
Blessings to you!
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