When the tone pattern of Level 18 was shared for the first time. It was the highest of the Levels released with the full measure of 24 Levels of the system to be released over the next year (2011). The extraordinary artist who produced art based on the visions she sees when hearing the Levels, Deb DeLisi (www.delisiart.com) described this Level as DNA giving birth to fractal versions of itself. This is shown in her art of Level 18 that appears on this page. In addition, she had an experience of deep dimensional shifting the evening after first hearing this Level:
“When I got home from your office [after hearing Level XVIII]… I kept looking at the time on the DVR and the time on my other clocks in the kitchen, and then I SAW THE DIGITAL CLOCK GO BACKWARDS on my DVR. I've never seen a digital clock go backwards before…EVER! It went from 8:02 to 7:59pm! Crazy! I looked to see what the Time Warner DVR TV Guide said, and it was showing the shows for the time it thought it was, but not the REAL time. We watched the clock jump ahead several minutes from 7:59 to 8:03. It was crazy, especially since Level 18 had to do with traveling in the void tunnel, which I had said looked like the twilight zone tunnel. So I think that whatever the energy of Level 18 was, it was brought into reality when I got home from your office. The next morning, everything was fine on my TV and time clock. The whole experience made me realize how bendable time can be…”
D. DeLisi

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