Deborah DeLisi

Many of you might know me as the artist of the Pineal Tones, and you may not know that I also love painting mandalas. I started painting them because I was so drawn in by their qualities: simple, complex, balanced, geometric, unified and whole. Carl Jung used them in his psychology practice to represent the persons desire to unify the self. But even before Carl Jung, mandalas were created in Tibetan and Hindu cultures as symbols to honor religious deities, and to call them in, along with the attributes they carried. Harmony, abundance, good fortune, joy, resolution, creativity and tranquility were some of the energies these deities delivered to those who honored them. These works of art were living prayers and constructed as temples where the gods lived. They honored what each one represented, and the colors, the four directions (north, south, east and west) and the way the geometries were arranged all held important meaning for the vibration and frequency of these ‘visible prayers’.

Tibetan Monks Creating a Mandala

The gorgeous and painstaking sand mandalas made by Tibetan monks are visual invocations of sacred texts. Using crushed colored marble, they use tubes, funnels or other tools to make these, often taking 1-3 weeks. The destruction of a sand mandala is highly ceremonial, being disassembled in a specific order along with the rest of the geometry until at last the mandala has been dismantled. The sand is collected in a jar which is then wrapped in silk and taken to a river (or any place with moving water), where it is released back into nature, bringing the healing qualities of the sand to the earth.

Shell Mandala

I was inspired to do something more creative and purposeful with my mandalas, similar to what the Tibetan monks do. Combining my love of mandalas with my love of teaching people, I decided to offer a unique experience in Cancun with the gathering of the Compassion Choir in 2013. On the morning of December 5, I will lead a group in creating a mandala of living and natural materials. Our purpose will be aligned with the mission of the choir: uplifting the global consciousness of Gaia, anchoring the geometries of the grids that shifted on 12/21/12, and the worldwide unity of our international gathering. It was only a few weeks ago, at Dr. Todd’s seminar in Ventura, that I was talking to a lovely couple about this mandala, when they suggested I include something from each of the planetary NODE points that Kryon describes in his channeling. Brilliant! (And thank you Zlata and Boris.) It instantly resonated with me, and I put out a call to find objects from each of the nodes. Once a node is activated, the null is activated as a pairing. See my list and let me know if you can supply materials such as sticks, stones, pebbles, sand, dirt, shells or natural materials from any of these places. (Note: non-perishable materials only (no leaves, living or dried flowers or seed pods. I need about a ‘sandwich bag size amount’ from each node.)
Nodes and Nulls

List of Nodes and Nulls From Kryon

We will create a pattern incorporating the materials from the nodes, plus materials from as many countries as possible. Each person will contribute to the design, and we will infuse our co-created mandala with intentions for the earth, our countries, the kingdoms of the earth, our loves ones and ourselves. Our mandala creation will be indoors, due to strong winds at the beach, but afterwards, we will gather up the materials and carry them out to the ocean where we will ceremoniously release them into the waters of the Caribbean ocean, to be carried around the world.
I hope many of you can join me, and eBlue Mandala - webWMKven if you are not in Cancun, know that we are all connected, and our mandala will give form to the intentions we all hold for the planet. We will use the mandala as a symbol of harmony and a path to wholeness for the good of all. And for this, I honor you.
From my heart to yours,
Deb DeLisi
Registration for the “Nodes Mandala Ceremony” in Cancun ($44 per person):
Contact me if you can supply materials gathered from the nodes (and maybe nulls too!):
Read more about the Nulls and Nodes from Kryon:

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