Welcome Anders Holte and Sylvan James to the 2014 Celebration Choir               in Mt Shasta!

Anders stage Italy 2

Sylvan James

Sylvan James

Anders Holte was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. He received an extensive classical musical education from The Royal Danish Academy Of Music and graduated both as a singer, voice teacher and conductor.
After a successful career as a classical singer, ensemble leader and voice coach, his musical work took a new direction, resulting in the creation of new and unique interdimensional music.
Today he performs as a singer and sound channel both in Europe and USA. Anders is known for creating a sacred space at live events aligning the many voices of an audience into an experience of oneness.
As a composer he is best known for his tonal sound music albums such as Lemurian Home Coming which has now been sold in 60 countries around the world.
On December 21, 2012 Anders assisted Dr. Todd on Maui in leading the Lemurian Choir consisting of 900 singers. During this unique galactic solstice event Anders also released his latest CD album Dream Of The Blue Whale, created together with his partner Cacina Meadu.
Since 2011 Anders has been travelling with Lee Carroll, singing at Kryon events in Europe and USA. In 2014 Anders will be giving a concert at the Kryon Summer Light Conference in Mount Shasta.
In September he'll be travelling again with Lee Carroll, performing at Kryon events in Germany, Switzerland, and the UK. And in 2015 he'll be joining the “Return Of The Masters Journey” in Israel as well.
Anders also offers seminars and workshops, allowing participants to deepen their spiritual connection through their voice and the conscious use of sound. For further information please visit his website.
Check out Anders' music and CD albums: http://www.anders-holte.com/listen_and_look.html
Anders on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anders.holte.58
Sylvan James began studying violin at the age of three in Vancouver, Canada. Her passion for music then took her to Montreal, where she completed a Bachelor's in violin performance at McGill University, and in New York, SUNY and Juilliard school of music, where she received her Masters degree.
While still in school she was playing professionally with various groups on the East coast, including Metamorphosen Chamber Ensemble (based at Harvard) and Les Violons du Roy (from Quebec city) with whom she recorded and  toured extensively.
Since her move to Europe in 1999, she has been performing in all the major concerts halls and as soloist and concertmaster of various established early music groups, such as Bach Consort Wein and Ayre Español. With the latter goup she has recorded on Sony records, Harmonia Mundi and Challenge records, and has performed in the Berlin Philharmonic, Les Champs Elysees in Paris, Concertgebow in Amsterdam and amongst many  emblematic halls.
As a conductor she has been invited by Granollers Orchestra, Menorca Chamber Orchestra, Sevilla Baroque Orchestra amongst others, and has conducted choirs in and around Spain.
Apart from her career as a classical violinist she has been drawn to improvising  on the violin for many years, experimenting with dancers and painters and jazz musicians. She loves the feeling of immediacy and direct communion with the public, the music being a mutual creation between herself and the listeners.
For the last six years Sylvan has been drawn to harmonic singing, or overtone chanting, and with her dear friends Quim Manjon and Moises Perez (who studied these vocal techniques in Tuva, near Mongolia) she has been exploring this otherworldy and transformative way of producing two tones at the same time with the voice. Their mutual passion for this type of singing (used often in Shamanic practices in Asia) led them to form one of the only Overtone singing chamber choirs in Europe, MuOM.

With MuOM she is now devoting more and more of her time to overtone singing. MuOM concerts have been described as an extremely meditative and transformative experiences.  For more information about MuOM, and to hear their unusual and uplifting soundscapes, check out their website at Muom.net.

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