Greetings Everyone!
It is a pleasure to connect after the extraordinary cycle we have just completed and to anticipate what comes next.
For those of you who participated in the Lemurian Choir, or supported it with rehearsals – mission well accomplished!  According to Kryon, the collective light work since the Harmonic Convergence (late 80’s) brought us to the December 21, 2012 tipping point.  The quantum codes produced in Maui on that date, in person or in spirit, were integral to our achieving a profound planetary shift.  One alternative was the erasure of the human experiment.  Programmed deeply in the grids, in cooperation with Gaia, failure to reach a certain level of consciousness would activate a chain of events to clear human life catastrophically (details in a book soon to be released – “The Gaia Effect” by Monica Muryani).  What is sobering is that Kryon has said this very nearly happened.
It is as though we were in the James Bond movie Goldfinger as the time bomb had ticked nearly to the point of detonation.  As the metaphoric countdown reached 007 seconds, the codes produced by the Choir, along with collective human intention, shifted the Reality Gate away from cataclysm!
In the movie, defusing the bomb prevented the detonation and life went on in the usual Bond cool way.  Our situation was more like Michael Thomas poised with a heavy left versus right decision point.  Our last moment choice has snatched us from Meltdown to Passing the Marker.
To celebrate what each of you have done to raise the vibration of the whole, we are going to offer a 3 day marathon of playing the Lemurian Choir in its fullness.
The Choir in Maui was performed in 2 sections, each with a profound purpose.  The AM performance had the intention of clearing and easing the collective suffering of humanity for the last Galactic Cycle of 26,000 years.  The energy was heavy and lightened successively…
This gave way to the PM performance of the Lemurian Choir.  In this energy was the celebration, the bursting joy of having made it.  The focus of this set of quantum codes was bringing forth both the Illumined Masculine and the Illumined Feminine in perfect balance, each magnifying the other!
The sessions were begun and concluded with wondrous chants and incantations from Kalei, a Hawaiian Princess and Shamanic Healer with a lineage going back to the ancients.  The mother earth and the ancestors were invoked and honored in the traditional way.
Kryon channeled in a most extraordinary way.  Before and after each Cycle of 3 Tone Pairs Kryon gave a powerful 5-7 minute message that built its energy and message from the start of the AM Choir to the conclusion of the PM Choir.
The essential message was: You have sent the quantum codes accurately!  The Galactic Membranes have been awakened!  YOU HAVE MADE IT AND IT IS TIME TO CELEBRATE!
In the near future, professionally recorded and mastered CD’s of the Lemurian Choir and Pineal Tones will be available via this link
Also in the works are visually stunning DVD’s of the regalia of the Choir.  This includes the musical artistry of Intai on didgeridoo and Peruvian flutes, our magnificent Choir Leaders Marc Drost and Anders Holte, and the full Choir repertoire over 900 strong!

The Focus Shifts from Galactic to Gaia

 The final element of the Lemurian Choir was the reversal of the polarities.  The collective entangled pineal transmitter of the choir was switched from sending to receiving.  Breathtaking flurries of messages were received that are still being processed and remembered, as waking dreams becoming clearer.
And so the cycle of sending and receiving the awaited quantum communication was completed!
We now move to becoming Treasure Hunters, like Indiana Jones.
The focus shifts from successfully stepping through the galactic 2012 window to the treasures within ourselves and the fabric of Gaia.  Kryon has identified that selected sacred points of the earth have treasure vaults called “time capsules” that contain profound energy and information for enlightenment.
There are described a Triangle of Treasures:

  1. In the Crystalline Grids of the Earth
  2. Within our DNA
  3. Encoded within Whales and Cetaceans

A new Choir will be written and performed with the purpose of creating the codes to open these time capsules and release the Triangle of Treasures.

Chichen Itza Temple of the Jaguar

Chichen Itza Temple of the Jaguar

The next Choir will be held in Cancun and will focus upon Chichen Itza, the heart of the Mayan civilization.  The quantum codes of this Compassion Choir are intended to open the Mayan Time Capsule and release long awaited information and potentials.
The dates for this event are December 6-8th.  The first 2 days will be rehearsal for the full ensemble and the performance will be December 8th.  A pre-event optional days with special guest lecturers will be also be offered on December 4 and 5 with Marilyn Harper, Adironnda,   Amber Wolfe,  Michelle Karen and more. See the Compassion Choir Schedule HERE
Anyone who has attended a rehearsal for the Lemurian Choir is already qualified to attend the Compassion Choir in Cancun.  For those who have not as yet met this requirement, there are live rehearsal events from which to choose, and an online webinar option is also available.
The function of the rehearsal events is training in the art and practice of the tones, as well as building new neural pathways around the pineal to make it a stronger receiver and transmitter.
The rehearsal event schedule and the online training option can be found HERE
In Maui Kryon declared that there were 12 more Levels of Pineal Tones – and that I had 26,000 years to develop them!  Now well ahead of schedule, Levels 25 and 26 have already emerged and clarified.
The intention of Level 25 is “remembering your home planet or dimension.”
The function of Level 26 is “going back to the first emanation of Source into differentiated awareness.”
Level 25 and Level 26 will be shared and instructed at the live rehearsal events in anticipation of the Compassion Choir. Post Event Activities include Peggy Phoenix Dubro and Lee Carroll and Kryon- stay another few glorious in Cancun!!


To learn of the experiences others have had with the Pineal Tones or at the Lemurian Choir, you are invited to go to  Anyone who would like to share a story related to the tones, Contact Us Here or register for this blog and post your story!
You may join the Compassion Choir/PIneal Tones email list HERE
The energy is building to accelerate our movement in the direction of becoming an enlightened planet.  This has been earned through our collective efforts, and will unfold in time.  The celebration in quantum song in Cancun and beyond can serve to accelerate your personal and planetary process exponentially.
Highest regards,
Dr. Todd

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