Creating Our New Reality – The Quantum Choirs for the Crystalline Grid


Activating Earth's Crystalline Grids

The dynamic of the Lemurian Choir was to send a signal at the cusp of time encoded in December 21, 2012.  Collectively, we sent the quantum codes and we have thankfully passed the marker.
We will continue on, yet what kind of reality will we create?  We are now tasked with going beyond mere survival to become the architects of a new reality.  We are becoming Planet Builders.
Kryon described the quantum signatures sung in Maui as ”having turned the key within the lock.”
What were unveiled were Nodal points of the earth that have been long hidden in the planetary grids.  The Nodes can be likened to concentrations of energy and information, an access to a supercomputer like system.
Each Node requires a specific new quantum signature to be brought active and online.  Every Node activated increases planetary intelligence and vibration, and offers enlightened solutions to every apparent problem.
Chichen ItzaThe Compassion Choir in Cancun is the first of these Planet Building Opportunities.  Those drawn will tend to be architects and builders, laying the foundation for what follows, imbuing the matrix with their energy and intentions.
Next in the sequence will be Mount Shasta in June 2014, which could well be described as “The Pleiadean Awakening.”  This takes us to our deepest roots of enlightened civilization connections.
Mount Shasta, CaliforniaPerhaps even more profound, the gathering targeted for March 2015 in Uluru in Australia brings us to an ancient and sacred land.  Given the local lore of its energy, its working title is “The Pleiadean Homecoming.”
We are building a system that is new, that has not been accomplished before.  You may be drawn to one place or another depending of your ancestry and history.
For those events for which your being says “Yes” you are encouraged to go.  May we create wonders not yet imagined.
Highest regards,
Dr. Todd


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