“Announcing the Release of the Pineal Tones Recording and a Dazzling DVD”

Maui Lemurian Reunion Choir

3 CD Set: Maui Lemurian Reunion

The professionally mastered recordings of the Lemurian Choir on December 21, 2012 are at last available as a 3-CD set.  NOW Shipping!
The AM and PM Choirs, over 900 strong in all, sang joyously to the stars!  In a message long awaited, the vibrations will ring to your very core.
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Sonidos del Coro de Lemuria

“Estamos Anunciando el lanzamiento de la deslumbrante grabación de los Tonos Pineales en El Coro Lemuriano en CD y en DVD.” Las grabaciones profesionales del Coro Lemuriano en Diciembre 21 del 2012 estarán finalmente disponible, se están imprimiendo y pronto estarán listas para ser enviadas. Los Coros de la mañana AM y tarde PM, más de 900 personas con toda su fortaleza cantando alegremente a las estrellas con un mensaje esperado por mucho tiempo. Las vibraciones resonarán con tu esencia interna.                                                                            Más en Español

The Lemurian Choir collection consists of a 3 CD set:

  1. The AM Choir – the role of this celebration was the clearing of the collective trauma of humanity through the ages, resolving in upliftment.
  2. The PM Choir – beyond honoring the Divine Feminine, the PM Choir brought forth the energy of the Illumined Feminine and the Illumined Masculine in dynamic balance, co-creating magic.
  3. Encore Performance – the energy reached its height in celebration when the Choir was complete.  The united AM and PM choirs sing in exultation that the quantum codes were sent and were “shockingly accurate.”  Enchanting segments with didgeridoo and Peruvian flutes backed by entrancing drones deepen the symphony of sound.

The Encore builds to a finale piece entitled “The Quantum Experience.”  Mastered by our maestro engineer Darrell Laham, this extraordinary multitrack masterpiece begins with the Kryon admonition that the Choir could have had 12 groups of 400 singers each all singing at once.  This medley of song would have completed sending the quantum codes in ten minutes instead of the few hours required, and the Choir’s purpose would have been complete.  The “Quantum Experience” provides the overlay of all 12 pairs – 24 levels of tones – all being sung at once.  Rather than chaos, the effect is mesmerizingly rich.
Scientific validation of the potency of the Pineal Tone Pairs has been brought forth through plant biological research.  Through University studies with well-established benchmarks for the effects of playing Mozart, playing the pineal tone pair recordings has been tested.  The results have exceeded the growth and physiologic strength effects of Mozart by 100% or more.
The Lemurian Choir Tone Pair ArtVideo DVD:

Maui Choir ArtVideo DVD

Maui Choir ArtVideo DVD

Each of the pineal tone pairs has two exquisite interdimensional images associated with them.  These are created by the luminary visionary artist Deb DeLisi. In this dynamic video, the artist has aligned each of the tone pairs with its respective art, producing a kaleidoscopic explosion of accelerating alternation of the artistic visions combined with the tones.  This multisensory extravaganza propels awareness to new heights.  You can be transported to expanded shamanic bliss in the comfort of your own home. Now Shipping!

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May you have an extraordinary journey!

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