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Join Peggy Phoenix Dubro Presenting The Waves

The Waves: Unique fusions of Light and Sound created from the quantum perceptions of Peggy Phoenix Dubro and the extraordinary Pineal Toning of Dr. Todd Ovokaitys. These two pioneers have collaborated to offer an exciting new form of transformational work for you with the new energies of these times.
Learn the first twelve Waves in one day and then you choose how to put them together in powerful combinations for yourself and as a facilitator to your family, friends and clients. An elegant and empowering form of communicating in the third language.
Using The Waves is exciting, fun, and profound … make Waves, personally, locally, and globally!
The Waves are a combination of energetic postures, movement, and sound. The tones were developed specifically for the Waves by Dr. Todd Ovokaitys. The movements and postures were developed by Peggy Phoenix Dubro, whose quantum sight and rich history in developing the energetic alignments for the EMF Balancing Technique and the Lattice have prepared her for the unique task of identifying the new energetic alignments for this exciting and innovative body of work.

In The Waves one day intensive in Cancun on December 9, 2013…

  • Learn a unique series of wave signals that are transmitted to the crystalline structure of your body that correspond to the crystalline grid of the earth – Gaia
  • Each wave has its own energetic pattern. As you learn the movements experience the complete wave of energy as your body moves spontaneously according to your inner wisdom
  • Open to higher dimensions and new frequencies of existence
  • Transform challenges into opportunities through the innate wisdom of your heart intelligence
  • Activate dormant talents and abilities encoded within your personal DNA and Akash
  • Amplify clarity and focus as you live your life of choice and purpose in the new energy of these transformational times, here and NOW!
  • Accelerate your creativity and ability to be in service
  • Share the deeper healing energies of Love, Harmony, Joy and Compassion
  • Study the crystalline structure, physically and multi-dimensionally
  • Feel at home in the new consciousness
  • Explore the new universal family dynamics
  • Experience your Star Seed activations

All the energetic alignments necessary to activate your ability to practice the Waves will be channeled by Peggy according to the unique configuration of participants in attendance and the location of the training.
“Imagine adding ancient Lemurian motions to the profound pineal toning experience! This is a revelation for 2013, beginning what Kryon has indicated as “brand new energies coming that you have not seen before.” Master teacher Peggy Phoenix Dubro presents The Waves, the Art of Conscious Transformation a new alignment work from the pioneer of energy work for over 20 years.” Lee Carroll

Dr. Todd, Peggy Phoenix Dubro, and Lee Carroll

Dr. Todd, Peggy Phoenix Dubro, and Lee Carroll

Discover and define your unique contribution to the transformational movement of humanity! Peggy is presenting the Waves immediately following the Compassion Choir on December 9, 2013 at Moon Palace Resort and Spa.

The Waves

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Peggy Phoenix Dubro is a distinguished international speaker and teacher whose diverse talents have gained her a worldwide presence in the arena of “new thinking”. She has 28 years of experience working with the human energy anatomy and is a leader in the field of energy balancing. Co-founder with her husband in 1995 of The Energy Extension, Inc., Peggy and Steve have teamed up to create cutting edge technology in the field of energy balancing that is both fun and deeply transformational. Their work is practiced and taught in more than 70 countries around the world.
“Peggy Phoenix Dubro has a gift. She has “quantum sight.” This means that with your permission, she can look at your energy, no matter how far away you are, and can “reflect back” the quantum energy within you…much of which you have never seen. Her sessions are the result of 20 years working with the quantum energies within the Lattice, the sphere of co creation that surrounds you, a profound matrix of quantum design that all Humans have. Who better to read and work with this part of your being than the one who has created and stewarded this Lattice work for almost a generation. She has the experience!” Lee Carroll/Kryon

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