What is the Difference Between a Workshop and a Choir Event?

“Immersion in the DNA Field” workshops (sometimes called “rehearsals”) are designed to provide an array of experiences and techniques to expand awareness while providing you with tools for expanded health and well-being. Another aspect of these workshops is to learn and sing the Pineal ToningTM levels — including the basics of pairing tones.
Special 1-day workshops focus more on the toning. If you have participated in Dr. Todd’s toning workshops (in 2010 or beyond) you are automatically qualified to sing in any of the Quantum Choir Events. See a LIST here. This list is continually updated if you have attended an event that you do not see listed contact us to let us know!
cropped-MauiChoir4.jpg“Quantum Choir Events” such as the Lemurian Choir create a specific symphonic celebration.  People gather at sacred sites for a tonal pattern choral immersion. The first hours are group rehearsals with the choir co-conductors. The remaining time is set aside for the artistic expression and choral performance of a sea of symphonic sound. The choral ceremony is punctuated with amazing special guests and often graced with a local shaman.
By singing a specific set of tone pairs, the Maui choir of 2012 sent quantum codes intended to bring forth both the Illumined Masculine & the Illumined Feminine in perfect balance; as well as for clearing the collective suffering of humanity for the last 26,000 years. It was a celebration bursting with joy! Join us for one of the upcoming celebrations intent on global transformation. Interested in the Celebration Choir – Find Details HERE
Want to See it to Believe it? http://youtu.be/YHEX49Bm_W4

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