The tones in Level 27 embody a heart expansion and clearing of emotional debris. Tones lower to include the solar plexus and raise to include the throat chakra. This clears the Truth Channel so that pure self-expression can be achieved. Alternating tones and pitches serve to activate DNA and further its acceleration in expansion so that our consciousness may do the same. The staccato notes further serve to clear blockages and “stuck” energies between the heart and throat centers. EEs alerted my mind and energized my cells. AH expanded space in my heart center and UU provided a sense of relaxed balance and centeredness in my body.
The vocal dynamics in Level 28 start as very grounding and feel like an energetic shower to my cells and soul. 🙂 I had a somewhat stressful day before listening to 28 and within a minute was centered and grounded. The ZZZhhh sound is energizing. As a “Gatekeeper” I identify portal energies. Listening to 28 made me feel like I was receiving incoming portal energy to swirl around and activate my DNA, wake it up, and expand the clarity of Soul Purpose outward to whoever may receive it. There was a lot of involvement with the throat chakra and the heart, and it felt strained, and made my back tense up near the 4 minute mark. (Strange, I'm not sure if I am empathically feeling that as strain from the performer, or if this is a side-effect of DNA upgrades.) At 5:30, a clearing of the tense energies occurred, then a portal of tone to get my projected energy field into alignment. At about 7 minutes this picks up in intensity and raises straight from the heart chakra through the throat chakra, through the third eye and straight out my crown chakra. Binaural Beats wake up my mind 8 minutes in. Then the energetic shower begins again, grounding these energies back into our bodies and Auric Field. By the end I was very relaxed and balanced. Coming back in with a throat chakra tone felt empowering to my Sovereignty and my integrity of self-expression. The tones raised back up into the Pineal and left it wide open, or so it felt.
With both of them combined, the effect was the same, however because so much was going on at once energetically, I got very warm and felt like I was at an Energetic Cleansing Spa. It felt like breathing very fresh air, very expansive up the chakra scale.        –Kelly S, Sedona AZ
“Sound heals. Pineal tones will blow your mind! Literally and figuratively… join us for the experience!”                                                                                                   — Charlene S
“Dr Todd is a brilliant MD who was given a system of Toning that activates the Pineal gland and our DNA for reaching higher levels of consciousness, longevity &     well-being.  Love you!”                                                                                                                    — Dida M
“During the time I was listening the pair tone, I really felt a strong vibration start to grow in me and my cells started to move faster and faster.  At the beginning I felt the back of my head, in the low part. It was as if someone tried to open it. Then the activation started to let me feel the opening of my nose and in my mouth my teeth were all in vibration, then my ears became longer and longer, and the Pineal began to glow, my heart began to bump more and more.  I felt the tip of a pyramid over my head and then my feet began to vibrate and open.  At the end, the vibration moved to my hands, and all my cells danced all together.”
                                                                                                         — Martina D, Milan Italy
“…don’t try to make sense of the tones, it is an amazing, awesome Experience and you feel it in your cells in your body …..Just feel — you will love it …they do.”                         –Rosario C
“The tones that were ancient sounds for the future … all of it is a celebration of a better now…..and I would also say that this life changing tool is the best healing tool I have.”                                                                                                                   — Rachelli

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