Maui 2012 – Ancient Sounds for the Future – 3 CD Set – (Download)


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Professionally mastered recording of the 900 who gathered and sang the Pineal Tones at the Lemurian Reunion on December 21, 2012. The gathering intended a future of light and sang a quantum message to our cells and the earth and the stars.
Genre: Spiritual: Mantras
Release Date: 2013
Album Notes:
With boundless joy we gathered in Maui in a spirit of celebration. In a unified field of exquisite harmonics and overtones, our choristers over 900 strong sang the song of our souls. This brought an ancient ceremony of harmony to life. It invited a peaceful future to become our present. The quantum message sang to our cells and the earth and the stars:
We have made it!
We are ready!
May our enlightened times begin!
Dr. Todd OvokaitysThe Lemurian Choir collection consists of a 3 CD set:The AM Choir – the role of this celebration was the clearing of the collective trauma of humanity through the ages, resolving in upliftment.The PM Choir – beyond honoring the Divine Feminine, the PM Choir brought forth the energy of the Illumined Feminine and the Illumined Masculine in dynamic balance, co-creating magic.Encore Performance – the energy reached its height in celebration when the Choir was complete. The united AM and PM choirs sing in exultation that the quantum codes were sent and were “shockingly accurate.” Enchanting segments with didgeridoo and Peruvian flutes backed by entrancing drones deepen the symphony of sound.The Encore builds to a finale piece entitled “The Quantum Experience.” Mastered by our maestro engineer Darrell Laham, this extraordinary multitrack masterpiece begins with the Kryon admonition that the Choir could have had 12 groups of 400 singers each all singing at once. This medley of song would have completed sending the quantum codes in ten minutes instead of the few hours required, and the Choir’s purpose would have been complete. The “Quantum Experience” provides the overlay of all 12 pairs – 24 levels of tones – all being sung at once. Rather than chaos, the effect is mesmerizingly rich.Scientific validation of the potency of the Pineal Tone Pairs has been brought forth through plant biological research. Through University studies with well-established benchmarks for the effects of playing Mozart, playing the pineal tone pair recordings has been tested. The results have exceeded the growth and physiologic strength effects of Mozart by 100% or more.“It is believed that the tonalities have an interdimensional overtone structure that creates light within your DNA field and a patterning which can be seen by a quantum engine. But it's even more than that. It is the return to the most basic communications you have ever known.”
“When you involve yourself with intent… in communication with these quantum noises and sounds and rhythms, you are awakening your remembrance within your own quantum DA. Eventually this remembrance will flood through the very fabric of the quantum parts of your body, and the Lemurian in you will be reawakened.”
Lee Carroll / Kryon, San Diego 2010
The Intentions
Cycle 1
Remembering your divine eternal perfection through moving into your soul records.
Accelerating your integration of higher energy levels and flows.
Activating a bridge to enlightenment through the seed sound of creation.
Cycle 2
Calling forth the ability to manifest with thought.
Hearing the voice of Source within.
Communicating with the wisdom of the Masters.
Cycle 3
Activating the codes for mastery through the balancing of polarities.
Mastery of time and the ability to open and move through portals.
Bringing forth the energy of Genesis.
Cycle 4
Unlocking manifestation codes through clearing fear.
Returning to Source through merging with the Earth.
Traveling through the dimensions with joy.
Inverse Cycle
7-6 inverse
Activating the ability to melt into other dimensions.
9-3 inverse
Receiving communication from all the quantum enlightened beings of the universe.
Recordists: Lee Carroll, Andy Mcewen
Production: Darrell Laham
Tone Master: Dr. Todd Ovokaitys
Choir Masters: Anders Holte, Marc Drost
Vocals: The 927 members of The Lemurian Choir
Musical Interludes from the Reunion
Didgeridoo and Pipes: Intai Aguirre
Drone vocals: The Lemurian Choir
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1. Am Tone Pair 1-4 4:21
2. Am Tone Pair 2-8 3:50
3. Am Tone Pair 9-3 3:09
4. Am Tone Pair 5-11 3:00
5. Am Tone Pair 22-21 1:46
6. Am Tone Pair 7-6 4:12
7. Am Tone Pair 10-20 3:31
8. Am Tone Pair 18-14 4:27
9. Am Tone Pair 19-13 5:20
10. Am Tone Pair 16-12 3:28
11. Am Tone Pair 23-24 6:55
12. Am Tone Pair 17-15 7:24
13. Am Tone Pair 7-6 (Reverse) 5:33
14. Am Tone Pair 9-3 (Reverse) 2:58
15. Pm Tone Pair 1-4 4:28
16. Pm Tone Pair 2-8 3:50
17. Pm Tone Pair 9-3 2:26
18. Pm Tone Pair 5-11 2:50
19. Pm Tone Pair 22-21 2:25
20. Pm Tone Pair 7-6 3:41
21. Pm Tone Pair 10-20 3:27
22. Pm Tone Pair 18-14 4:23
23. Pm Tone Pair 19-13 5:10
24. Pm Tone Pair 16-12 3:39
25. Pm Tone Pair 23-24 8:10
26. Pm Tone Pair 17-15 7:05
27. Pm Tone Pair 7-6 (Reverse) 4:36
28. Pm Tone Pair 9-3 (Reverse) 3:35
29. Encore Tone Pair 10-20 3:20
30. Encore Tone Pair 18-14 2:54
31. Encore Tone Pair 19-13 3:25
32. Encore Tone Pair 17-15 9:39
33. Pineal Tone 24 Finale 7:55
34. Am Didjiredoo 2:31
35. Am Pipes & Drone 4:43
36. Pm Didgeridoo 2:45
37. Pm Pipes & Drone 4:23
38. Encore Pipes & Drone 3:25
39. The Return Home 8:58
40. Pleiadians 7:32
41. The Quantum Experience 7:47
All your download or streaming purchases are accessible for download in your purchase email confirmation and/or by signing into your Pineal Tones account at the following link.
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