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by The Lemurian Choir

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The Pineal Tones paired as never before at Uluru in Australia for the Creation Choir in 2015.
Genre: Spiritual: Mantras
Release Date: 2016
Album Notes
2015 Creation Choir in Uluru Australia
“Honoring the Creation of the New Human” – March 19-21, 2015
Singing, who me? Well, not exactly — the choir is made of people like you who enjoy toning and raising their vibrations together through sound. You don’t have to have an exquisite singing voice to tone.
2012 Lemurian Reunion Choir in Maui, Hawaii
People gather from all over the world at sacred sites to tone together as a choir. Each choir has a theme or message such as Lemurian Reunion, Compassion or Celebration. This chosen theme is amplified by the intent and vibration of the particular tones shared for an experience like no other!
What is Pineal ToningTM?
Pineal ToningTM is a system of sound syllables toned in various sequences and sung together in pairs. Did you ever sing a “round” as a kid where two groups are singing two different things at the same time? Singing tone pairs is similar to this. These tone syllables or levels are like the letters of an alphabet. Two tone levels sung together create a quantum word. When these words are arranged in a sequence they create a quantum message. Each Choir creates a quantum message built from the basic tone levels that are sung as pairs.
Why Should You Attend the Celebration Choir?
Because You Can Be…
Amplifying Your Personal Abilities and Gifts
Breaking Through Barriers to Higher Dimensional DNA Attributes
Prompting Profound Personal Transformation and Healing
Opening New Doors of Awareness
Magnifying Intention & Synchronicity in Your Life
Awakening Positive Earth Potentials
Experiencing the Expansion & Well-being of Group Toning
Meeting Kindred Spirits!
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Who Will be Guiding You Through This Divine Sound Celebration?
For a decade, Dr. Todd has developed the Pineal ToneTM series, inspired by a deep inner knowing – a remembering – of an ancient time in an ancient land. It was Kryon who identified him as Yawee, the architect of the Temples of Rejuvenation on the mountain tops of Lemuria. He was also known as the Spin Master, one of the greatest scientists to ever walk the planet.
Co-conductors for Uluru:
Marc Drost studied classical singing at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, Netherlands. Since 1984 he sang in operas, concerts, musicals, vocal groups and choruses in the Netherlands and abroad. In recent years, he has sung the bass solo in Die Schöpfung by Haydn and created leading roles in two new Dutch operas. In the last decade, Marc has chosen to put more emphasis on his teaching, composing, and coaching activities. To this end, he completed a 3-year teachers’ course at the Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen. He also developed an interest in overtone singing and has found increasing depth in the technical approach, but also in the metaphysical and spiritual implications of the harmonics. Among others, the Pleiadian teachings as channeled by Wendy Kennedy, have been a great source of information and inspiration.
Since 2012, Marc has been assisting Dr. Todd Ovokaitys as a conductor of the Pineal Tones®, starting with the Lemurian Choir in Maui followed by the Compassion Choir in Cancun. In 2013 Dr. Todd and Marc came to Lisboa, Barcelona and then to Milano for the first Pineal Toning seminar in Italy. In September 2014 they returned for the European Intention Choir in Milano Marittima. He is delighted to join forces again with Teresa Gibson to conduct the Creation Choir in Uluru.
Teresa Gibson grew up in a musical household and began singing at an early age. In college she studied Theatre Arts and specialized in music and performance. She currently sings with the Peninsula Harmony Chorus, and has sung in university and community choirs, performed in Eric Whitacre’s World of Color Honor Choir production of “Glow” for Disney’s amusement parks, and participated in Whitacre’s Virtual Choir project “Water Night.” Her fascination with the power of vocal sound has led her to diverse explorations, from traditional choirs to improvisational circle singing, delving in to overtone harmonics, studying the sacred messages contained within bija mantras (syllable sound seeds) in Sanskrit, and meditation through kirtan. She was instantly attracted to the Pineal Tones when she first heard Dr. Todd share a few preliminary levels many years ago at a Kryon conference at Mt. Shasta. She participated in the Pineal Toning Choirs in Maui and Mt. Shasta, and was greatly honored to co-conduct the Compassion Choir in Cancun. She is delighted to be of service at the Uluru Creation Choir.
1. Uluru Tone Pair 2-8 (Live) 4:03
2. Uluru Tone Pair 22-21 (Live) 3:04
3. Uluru Tone Pair 9-3 (Live) 3:09
4. Uluru Tone Pair 1-4 (Live) 4:23
5. Uluru Tone Pair 10-20 (Live) 5:10
6. Uluru Tone Pair 7-6 (Live) 7:32
7. Uluru Tone Pair 18-14 (Live) 3:42
8. Uluru Tone Pair 19-13 (Live) 4:42
9. Uluru Tone Pair 17-15 (Live) 10:10
10. Uluru Tone Pair 25-6 (Live) 4:51
11. Uluru Tone 24 (Live) 2:14
12. Uluru Tone Pair 23-24 (Live) 2:13
13. Uluru Tone 30 (Live) 7:20
14. Uluru Tone Pair 25-11 (Live) 7:20
15. Uluru Tone 29 (Live)  Uluru Overtone Harmonics (Live) 5:37
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