Divine Celebration Mount Shasta 2014 – (Download)


by The Lemurian Choir

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The Divine Celebration Choir, performed one time at Mount Shasta, featured in the film The Rosetta Tones. These recordings are the masters of the original choir performances without the additional soundscape of the film.
Genre: Spiritual: Mantras
Release Date: 2016
Album Notes:
2014 Celebration Choir in Mt Shasta
“Celebrating the Divine Within Us” June 17-19, 2014
Have you laid awake at nights feeling you should be more capable? That you have abilities you long for just under your skin waiting to emerge? And once they do you will be transported to where you feel you can be?
If you feel the gifts are there, they are surely present. Receiving them is a matter of access, and your willingness to tread the path.
Welcome to the world of quantum codes. What you seek is a two-step process. First it is clearing the unconscious blocks to the greater expression of your gifts. The second step is the activation of that expression. These elements are encoded in a series of 28 informational patterns presented in pairs. The culmination, the 27th and 28th levels together turns the key in the lock of the codes.
That there is objective evidence of the potency of the codes has been building. Health and physical condition have greatly increased along with awareness. Played for plants, the well-known “Mozart effect” has been doubled and even tripled with this quantum encoding that Dr Todd calls the “Pineal Tones;” similar results can be anticipated for people.
Singing, who me? Well, not exactly — the choir is made of people like you who enjoy toning and raising their vibrations together through sound. You don’t have to have an exquisite singing voice to tone. Click the video below to hear a tone-pair rehearsal from the Compassion Choir. (If you listen closely you will hear a beautiful dolphin solo from our youngest member).
People gather from all over the world at sacred sites to tone together as a choir. Each choir has a theme or message such as Lemurian Reunion, Compassion or Celebration. This chosen theme is amplified by the intent and vibration of the particular tones shared for an experience like no other!
What is Pineal ToningTM?
Pineal ToningTM is a system of sound syllables toned in various sequences and sung together in pairs. Did you ever sing a “round” as a kid where two groups are singing two different things at the same time? Singing tone pairs is similar to this. These tone syllables or levels are like the letters of an alphabet. Two tone levels sung together create a quantum word. When these words are arranged in a sequence they create a quantum message. Each Choir creates a quantum message built from the basic tone levels that are sung as pairs – just like the pair you heard in the video above.
Why Should You Attend the Celebration Choir?
You Can Be…
Amplifying Your Personal Abilities and Gifts
Breaking Through Barriers to Higher Dimensional DNA Attributes
Prompting Profound Personal Transformation and Healing
Opening New Doors of Awareness
Magnifying Intention & Synchronicity in Your Life
Awakening Positive Earth Potentials
Experiencing the Expansion & Well-being of Group Toning
Meeting Kindred Spirits!
What People Are Saying
Who will be Guiding You?
For a decade, Dr. Todd has developed the Pineal ToneTM series, inspired by a deep inner knowing – a remembering – of an ancient time in an ancient land. It was Kryon who identified him as Yawee, the architect of the Temples of Rejuvenation on the mountain tops of Lemuria. He was also known as the Spin Master, one of the greatest scientists to ever walk the planet.
Anders Holte was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. He received an extensive classical musical education from The Royal Danish Academy Of Music and graduated both as a singer, voice teacher and conductor.
After a successful career as a classical singer, ensemble leader and voice coach, his musical work took a new direction, resulting in the creation of new and unique interdimensional music. Today Anders performs as a singer and sound channel both in Europe and USA. Anders is known for creating a sacred space at live events aligning the many voices… Read More HERE.
Sylvan James began studying violin at the age of three in Vancouver, Canada. Her passion for music then took her to Montreal, where she completed a Bachelor’s in violin performance at McGill University, and in New York, SUNY and Juilliard school of music, where she received her Masters degree.
While still in school she was playing professionally with various groups on the East coast, including Metamorphosen Chamber Ensemble (based at Harvard) and Les Violons du Roy ( from Quebec city ) with whom she recorded and toured extensively. Since her move to Europe in 1999, she has been performing in all the major concerts halls and as soloist and concertmaster.
1. Mount Shasta Tone Pair 22-21 (Live) 2:20
2. Mount Shasta Tone Pair 5-26 (Live) 4:55
3. Mount Shasta Tone Pair 1-4 (Live) 3:50
4. Mount Shasta Tone Pair 2-8 (Live) 3:36
5. Mount Shasta Tone Pair 10-20 (Live) 4:48
6. Mount Shasta Tone Pair 17-15 (Live) 8:35
7. Mount Shasta Tone Pair 6-12 (Live) 2:43
8. Mount Shasta Tone Pair 7-16 (Live) 2:58
9. Mount Shasta Tone Pair 18-14 (Live) 4:06
10. Mount Shasta Tone Pair 9-3 (Live) 2:44
11. Mount Shasta Tone Pair 19-13 (Live) 6:49
12. Mount Shasta Tone Pair 25-11 (Live) 7:10
13. Mount Shasta Tone Pair 23-24 (Live) 3:36
14. Mount Shasta Tone Pair 27-28 (Live) 14:16
15. Mount Shasta Tone 24 Encore (Live) 2:14
All your download or streaming purchases are accessible for download in your purchase email confirmation and/or by signing into your Pineal Tones account at the following link. https://www.pinealtones.com/my-account/
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