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The Pineal Tones system can be learned at your own pace with our convenient 4 hour online course. Many users have reported some of the most profound, transformative experiences of their lives with the learning and utilization of this system.
Purchase the “on demand” Pineal Tones Webinar, which covers levels 1-24, and includes additional learning materials which are available for download.
Watch and practice with Dr. Todd in the comfort of your home, at your own pace. For $150, you will receive unlimited viewing. Completing this course qualifies you for the upcoming Pineal Tones Ceremonies – such as the Pineal Tones Maya Choir in Cancun 2022 and Lemurian Choir Reunion in Maui 2024.

Click the PayPal button below to add to your cart – you will be taken to a secure site to complete your purchase. With your payment confirmation, you will receive links to access the webinar materials. 

2017 PINEAL TONES DISTANCE LEARNING COURSE ABCs A. COURSE MATERIALS: Download materials are .pdf, .mp3 files. With your payment confirmation, you will receive links to course materials and Pineal Tones Webinar (hosted by Your Written Support Materials include the following files: Pineal Tones Handout (.pdf) – All 24 tone levels for singing along; Pineal Tones Worksheet (.pdf and .doc) – Complete and return this worksheet at least one week prior to the event to qualify for upcoming Choirs. Pineal Tones Description (.pdf) – A letter from Dr. Todd explaining the 24 Tone Levels rehearsal Tape. Tone pairs for Maui Choir (.pdf) – The written tone pair levels from the Lemurian Choir in Maui Audio Support Folders (.mp3) which include the single tone levels 1-24, the tone pairs from Maui and additional tone levels from Cancun and Mt Shasta Choirs through level 32. B. COURSE GOALS:

  1. To become familiar with the Pineal single tone levels 1-24.
  2. Learn the intentions for Levels 1-24.
  3. To understand how the levels can be sung in pairs by practice toning with both the single tone .mp3 and the paired tones .mp3.
  4. Become familiar with the Lemurian Tone Pair Intentions.

C. HOW TO APPROACH THE PINEAL TONES MATERIALS: Download written materials and review while you are listening to the .mp3s or watching the videos.  Watch the online seminar.  Have the Pineal Tones Worksheet handy so you can complete it when you watch the online webinar.  Support your practice by listening and toning along with the practice audio and videos. Once you are comfortable toning single Levels 1-24, purchase the Lemurian Choir Ancient Sounds for the Future to continue your journey. Choose a part (higher or lower pitched vocals) and begin singing along (HINT: have a copy of the Tone Pair Intentions handy).  If you wish to qualify to attend the and upcoming choir, complete the Intention Worksheet and email or mail it back to us by following the instructions on the worksheet.

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