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We welcome 2018 with great news!
Dr. Todd has recently been acknowledged by being invited to be part of the Harvard originated Best Doctors program as one of the world’s best in stem cell therapy.
Recent paradigm bending discoveries in his lab represent 2 landmark innovations in the utility and function of stem cells.  This represents the recreation of the ancient technology of the Temples, only more compact and efficient, and not requiring freezing ones bum off at high altitude.
The full implication of these discoveries can change medicine and even human civilization at a fundamental level.  The very nature of being human and the potential for transcending limitations is being pressed to and possibly well beyond its current limiting envelope.
This presentation will share the basics of these advances in stem cell therapy and utility and what it may mean to anyone in attendance.
As a level of validation of the Kryon channelings of past and future science, this may be the best yet.
Added to the discussion will be the immensely powerful art of biological decoding.  In this system “a disease is a word spoken, not with the mouth but with the body.”  Over 4 decades of research, development and refinement, the codes for releasing specific emotional conflicts for biological transformative effects have been mapped.
This session is designed for substantial Q&A in the forum.  Whether for the unique capabilities of stem cells for repair or pure regeneration, or perhaps getting a piece of information that can unlock in moments a lifetime of restriction, this will be a rare chance to get the answers straight from the person Kryon has affectionately called the “Twistmaster.”
Come Join us and Learn How “IT” all works together.
Happy New Year!
Dr. Todd
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