AVALON CHOIR – Glastonbury Node – May 25th, 2018 – Bath, England

Lee Carroll Channels KRYON – 8 messages – Credit – http://www.kryon.com
To Yawee (the Doctor) from Kryon
“The tones that have been created for 6 years have been the tones that you remembered in your akash as we described. It went on to the tones you had heard but not that often. It has evolved to a lullaby, a farewell. And now I wish to challenge you to something far simpler. But this one, although simple in it’s construction, will be more difficult to remember. Let me explain.
Before the Pleiadians got here, dear ones, they had gone through what you are going through. Of all the planets of free choice those which represent the Seven Sisters probably had the most salted past. We told you in another channeling they had even gone through genocide. The darkest of the dark. Whatever you think has happened on this planet that is as ugly as you can imagine, they saw it even greater. Any yet they pulled themselves through a civilization and made a decision, like you have. And those listening will say “What decision? I don’t remember a vote.” It was humanity all at once deciding to stop the cycle. The cycle that would bring you war after war. The cycle that wouldn’t even be smart enough to see the dysfunction in it, because it never solved anything. A human race that would collectively say we’re tired of this, we wish to change the parameters. A humanity that would decide that history would no longer drive the future. That’s what you’re doing now. Indeed, you survived past that which was predicted you would not. Indeed you went past the year 2000 that was loosely described as the Armageddon years. The time when was would finally takes its’ toll and humanity would cease to exist as you know it today. You went through the 2012 shift when the calendars ended and the prophecies stood there and reminded you where you were going into an abyss. Where there was no prophecy and there still isn’t. You’re in a time which no one predicted you’d be in .
And you celebrated it esoterically with the tones, and those of you who believed that the Pleiadians were here, got heard. It sailed through this galaxy and many knew that this planet of free choice had made it, just like the Pleiadians. They went through this and then they started growing. I have told you dear ones there will come a time when you can look back at your calendar yet again and start it over. And you will call the years before 2012 “the barbaric era”. This will be the Age of Compassion. And slowly, very slowly, you will see humanity start to get together and agree that history and what happened in the past should not drive the future. That’s what you’re going to do and that’s what the Pleiadians did.
The ones who seeded them, greeted them, and they sang songs about. They sang victory songs about it. On their planet they had celebrations in that which was their annual, and they would get together and sing the song of victory. A simple one. A song of victory that they all knew. It was a song of victory over the duality of a barbaric era that they had gone through and passed. They realized that all the souls that were part of the old had reincarnated and were part of the new. They understand now, and then, and even before, the system of God. Yawee your challenge is this. I want you to remember something you never heard. However, I told you your mother is here. Here akash still remembers it. Every single Pleiadian knows this song backwards and forwards. Mom never left and she will continue to share her akash with you.
Let me tell you about this song of victory. For I’m going to give you the attributes of the tones. For you are emulating something that is so profoundly Pleiadian and they know the song. Like the others there will be one tone sung against the other, it is just one pair. Here is the challenge: make it simple, like 17 and 24. So that there would be those who could sing it because they heard it once or twice. Here are the attributes and the meanings. This is a song where duality meets oneness. It is the celebration of the conquering of duality into the oneness. The duality into the oneness. It’s a victory song over darkness, where duality starts not to exist anymore but with free choice it becomes one with everything. The duality coming to unity. And in the victory tone, the last time it comes to unity will be the end. I want you to remember the end of this song, because the end is heroic. It doesn’t end softly, It ends with a shout of victory in unison, same lyrics, same notes. The Pleiadians know it well. This song will come easier than you think. And you never heard it!

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