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Dear Pineal Toner Listener,
Wow!  The Quantum Choir participants have raised the roof with your exquisite vibrations!  As powerful as the other Choirs have been, I believe that we have reached a new height!
The Choir sounded so amazingly good, and the coherence levels you achieved were astounding.  At first blush, the measurements of the energy in the room were powerfully enhanced, especially with the whale tones, Kryon channelings, and the joyful notes of the Lemurian Lullabies.
So many of our participants described how the Lullabies would either bring them to tears, or would play continuously in their mind – or both – for days afterwards.
To refresh that experience for participants and share with all Pineal Tones enthusiasts, we are providing you with the rough cut of Lullaby 2.  This will be further refined for the final mastering of the event recording, yet it carries much of the flavor of the moment that we all enjoyed.  Please immerse in these vibrations and let your heart sing.
Darrell Laham, has edited and master all of the Choir tracks to share with all the Choir participants and soon to be available for all to listen to part 1 FREE for Limited time.  In order for you to receive Part 1 for FREE we kindly ask you to sign up for the newsletter to receive the recording.Subscribe HERE
If you would like to share your experience, or any insight that you feel is significant, please send that to ask@pinealtones.com.  We’d love to gather your reports and have them available to persons who are interested in an appropriate way.
That we created an energy bath that was a powerful enhancer for each of us individually is personally palpable.  What this means for the grids and the world will require the winds of time to assess.  From what Kryon has said, the impact is profound and unique.
Now the energy is gathering and building towards the next event in the ley lines of Glastonbury.  Already the space is half full for our next nodal experience that has been named “The Avalon Choir.”  The full flavor of Arthurian legend and all the alchemy and magic of times of yore may become available to us as we follow our path of grid activations.
And as the vector attractor field seems especially strong for this Gadarian (Scottish phrase meaning “the gathering”) it may be wise to sign up early to be assured of a space.  What may be revealed and how far we will push the energy remains to be seen.  We can intend now that it be an immense and powerful creation, almost like pulling a magical sword out of a stone.
If you’d like more information about The Avalon Choir and you enjoy early sign up rates please visit www.pinealtones.com.  If you have questions not covered by the site, you may address them to Rubi@BRCMagic.com.
Thank you once again for all your celestial voices and brilliant contributions.  The impact of our producing these tonal codes may even be beyond what we can now imagine.
With highest regards and Lemurian hugs,
Dr. Todd

Lemurian Lullaby 2
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